There’s a new novel coming soon that everyone will love

(Isstories Editorial): – Scottsdale, Arizona May 4, 2024 ( – The poetry novel called Hate the View is a poetry novel that brings the idea of ​​always not really being satisfied with the current view that is of great importance content . Being satisfied with the situation someone is in shows that many people can be satisfied if they choose to be. There are others who would rather not be satisfied with the situation they find themselves in. I hate this position and I relate to the concept of being completely happy in the situation rather than never actually being happy at all. Always throwing negativity at all the beautiful parts of nature, but never penetrating the true meaning of being positive, is something some people are constantly trying to fight against. Hate the view is much more than the self-explanatory title. There will always be people who are simply never happy with the vision that each of them sees. Is it okay to not be satisfied with the view from the front or is it better from the rear? I hate the view, will go much deeper into a conversation that many people would rather not have. Some would rather stare at the idea that everyone hates so much.

Hate the View will be released on May 9, 2024, wherever books are sold.

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